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Spanish Hills Country Club is hiring a part-time experienced Bartender, 8-25 hours per week. Candidates must be available to work daytime, evenings, late nights, weekends and holidays. Experience is required. Must be 21 or older.

Job Summary:
Prepare and serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Job Tasks:

  • Inspects the bar prior to opening to ensure that adequate supplies are available.

  • Requests additional supplies as necessary and stocks the bar.

  • Follows set-up procedures.

  • Prepares garnishes, mixes and pre-mixed drinks.

  • Greets members and guests.

  • Mixes, prepares and serves drinks to members and guests and mixes and prepares drinks ordered by food servers and beverage servers according to the recipes approved by the beverage manager.

  • Reports complaints to a manager as soon as they occur.

  • Maintains and cleans bar area and equipment.

  • Maintains records of liquors, beers, wine, tobacco and sundries to ensure bar stock is maintained at all times.

  • Maintains daily inventory and records indicating drinks in the greatest demand.

  • Cleans and lock ups the bar area according to prescribed procedures.

  • Attends staff meetings including pre-shift (line-up) sessions as required.

  • Carefully follows all laws and club policies and procedures regarding alcoholic beverage service and informs manager if continued service to a member or guest is in question.

  • Serves drinks to members and guests seated at lounge tables in the absence of a beverage server.

  • Continually practices beverage and revenue control procedures.

  • Thanks members and guests; invites them to return.

  • Completes other appropriate work assignments as requested by the beverage manager.

  • The employee is regularly required to:

  • Lift up to 30 pounds.

  • Bend, stoop, and carry.

  • Reach in all directions

  • Operate appliances and read gauges.

  • Stand for long periods of time.

  • Push, and pull objects such as pots, plates and food stuffs.

Please email your resume to or apply in person at 999 Crestview Ave. Camarillo, Ca. 93010

Host/Hostess (Part-Time)

Spanish Hills Country Club is seeking an experienced Part-Time Host/Hostess for our Member's Grill. Must be available to work day and evening shifts on weekdays, weekends and holidays.


Job Tasks:

  • Ensures all reservations have tables that are set up correctly.
  • Ensures all the event signs are on easels and properly presented in the hallway.
  • Ensures the menus are cleaned and ready to be presented.
  • Fills out the Reservation Book properly and neatly.
  • Responsible for re-call sheet.
  • Stands whenever there is somebody in sight. (member, guest, employee)
  • Seat the members in different sections every time.
  • Greet member by their last name.
  • Be aware of all upcoming club events and know who is taking the reservation.
  • Fills out tickets appropriately: member name, member number, where the member issitting, and the table number.
  • Answer the Grill phone.
  • Consistently follows all sanitation-related requirements, including those related topersonal hygiene.
  • Completes other appropriate assignments made by the captain, F&B Manager, and F&BDirector.

Please email your resume to or apply in person at 999 Crestview Ave. Camarillo, Ca. 93010



Sous Chef

Spanish Hills Country Club is seeking an experienced Sous Chef. Must be available to work day and evening shifts on weekdays, weekends and holidays. 

Job Summary: 
Responsible for production of all food needed for banquet functions and private parties. Accountable for all food costs for banquet functions. Supervise production personnel used for banquet events.

Job Tasks:
  • Manages food production, including menu planning and personnel supervision, for banquet functions.

  • Manages food production, including menu development, costing and execution, for holiday buffets, Sunday brunch and other special occasions.

  • Assures proper staffing levels and payroll controls.

  • Hires, trains, supervises, schedules and evaluates the work of kitchen staff.

  • Evaluates job performance of kitchen staff; corrects, rewards and disciplines staff in a fair and legal manner.

  • When requested, assists with production of daily specials for restaurants.

  • Assists in the hiring, training and on-going supervision, including scheduling, of all employees involved with food production.

  • Establishes and maintains professional standards of conduct and appearance at all times.

  • Supervises and coordinates the activities of ware and pot washers, night cleaners and other non-cooking kitchen workers to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the kitchen.

  • Performs all necessary supervisory functions for subordinates; develops performance standards; trains; directs on-going work.

  • Requisitions china, glassware, etc., for the operation to ensure sufficient supplies for efficient service.

  • Assists or relieves the senior sous chef whenever reduced banquet volume allows.

  • Serves on the banquet function committee to assist in the planning of food-related aspects of each special event.

  • Establishes and adheres to food cost goals for banquet functions; takes corrective action as necessary to help assure that financial goals are attained.

  • Attends departmental staff meetings.

  • Assures that food quality standards and pre-determined costs are attained on all banquet functions.

  • Responsible for consistent use of safe work practices by all banquet staff.

  • Conducts physical inspections of kitchen preparation and storage areas to assure that sanitation standards are consistently attained and that areas are organized with appropriate security precautions in place.

  • Understands and consistently follows proper sanitation practices including those for personal hygiene.

  • Sets up plating line for functions and assists with plating duties.

  • Assumes complete charge of the kitchen in the absence of the senior sous chef

  • Assists in food procurement, delivery, storage and issuing of food items.

  • Performs other special, ad hoc duties as requested by the executive chef and senior sous chef.

Please email your resume to or apply in person at 999 Crestview Ave. Camarillo, Ca. 93010


Line Cook

Spanish Hills Country Club is hiring a part-time afternoon/evening Line Cook. Weekends and holidays are required.

Job Summary
Prepare food in accordance with club recipes and standards.

Job Tasks

  • Prepares all required items.

  • Sets up service units with needed items.

  • Prepares items that are ordered in accordance with established portions and presentation standards.

  • Notifies sous chef of expected shortages.

  • Ensures that assigned work areas and equipment are clean and sanitary.

  • Assists the sous chef in maintaining security and safety in the kitchen.

  • Maintains neat professional appearance and observes personal cleanliness rules at all times.

  • Sets-up, maintains and breaks down prep cook station.

  • Requisitions items needed to produce menu items.

  • Adheres to state and local health and safety regulations.

  • Covers, dates and neatly stores all leftover products that are re-usable.

  • Maintains the highest sanitary standards.

  • Coordinates and times orders with other kitchen operations.

  • Makes recommendations for maintenance, repair and upkeep of the line prep area and equipment.

  • Attends staff meetings.

  • Assists with other duties as assigned by sous chef.

​​Please email your resume to or apply in person at 999 Crestview Ave. Camarillo, Ca. 93010